Phil's Video Book

Welcome to my Video Book 1
How to use this Video Book 2
Golf as a Game 4
Why golfers stop improving 6
Golf is a game of miss-hits, for everyone 8
Poor results hurt your score more than good results help your score 11
Scoring better is not hard, you only have to do two things 12
You determine how difficult every hole will play 14
You as a Golfer 16
If you woulde like to never improve, just keep recycling the same thoughts 18
If you don't change your beliefs, you'll keep recycling the same thoughts 20
Your game is going to continuously change, regardless of what you do 22
Of all the obstacles you'll face, fear (yourself) is by far the worst 24
Successful results require that you think efficiently, but very few golfers learn how 26
You have to view every aspect of your game through the lens of thought 28
Creating plays is a three step process 34
Part One: Mentally creating the play 36
Part Two: Stepping into the play 38
Part Three: Allowing the play to seamlessly unfold 40
Triggering the away-swing 42
Focus exclusively on what you can effectively control 44
Understanding your personal "cone of error" 46
Before every round you should commit to the same goal 48
Don't over-think golf clubs 52
Professional golfers score better than ever, but it's not because of their equipment 54
How the average golfer buys his equipment has changed for the worse 56
The perfectly fit golf club does not exist 58
Fit golf clubs do not make you a better golfer 60
Three club fitting mistakes, I see every day 62
Four things you need to remember about golf clubs 64
Simple, effective putter fitting 66
Simple, effective wedge fitting 68
Simple, effective iron fitting 70
Simple, effective driver fitting 72
How to assemble an effective set composition 74
On the SHORT GAME 76
What you should understand about putting 78
Putting grip, setup, and process 80
What you should understand about chipping - putting with loft 82
What you should understand about part-shots - greenside and fairway 84
Phil's Pro Shop 86
Training Aids 86
Recommended Reading 88
Great Reads 90