Phil's Video Book

When hitting an iron, average golfers seldom strike the golf ball in the middle of the club face. They also seldom make contact with the club face square to their intended target. For those two reasons, they should be playing with irons that are both forgiving and compensating. The strong lofted modern irons are designed to maximize distance. Unfortunately, for most golfers, they’re too strong lofted and too long shafted . In an effort to provide added distance, distance control (which is far more important) is sacrificed. The modern game-improvement iron head features a deep cavity back, extreme perimeter weighting, a wide sole, a thick top line, and a significant degree of hosel offset. All great features for the average golfer. Make sure, however, that the shafts are not too long and the lofts are not too strong. The more expensive forged iron heads offer little value to the average golfer. They’re typically a compact design with a higher center of gravity and less offset. While they are said to promote added feel, that is very debatable. When purchasing forged heads, the average golfer is paying more money for a less forgiving design. To me, this doesn’t make a lot of sense.