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With a wedge in my hands, I expect to get the ball down in two. ANNIKA SORENSTAM As you move farther from the hole, or need to launch the ball higher in the air, you’ll need added club head speed. You’ll use your regular grip and a modified version of your regular swing. When you work on your pitching swing you’re not only developing one of the essential skills needed to lower your short game scoring average, you’re also building the foundation for your full swing. Luke Donald Greenside Pitch You’re not trying to hit the ball far; you’re trying to carry and roll the ball a very specific distance. Over-active hands and wrists create inconsistent club head speed, leading to inconsistent distance control. So keep your hands relaxed and your wrists relatively firm. While keeping the majority of your weight on your left foot, swing the whole club more back-and-forth as opposed to up-and-down. Have the intent to extend the backswing and create a wide swing arc. Butch Harmon Fairway Pitch You create a specific trajectory and carry distance through first selecting the appropriate club, and then increasing or decreasing the length of your backswing. You increase club head speed through increasing the length of your backswing – not through supplying various degrees of power with your hands and wrists.